Ketracel White

Ketracel White came together as the result of several chance encounters. Vocalist and guitar player Dominic Acito and producer/bassist Neill Whollaston met at a Danny Brown listening party at the end of 2019, and bonded over shared musical influences like Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and Marika Hackman. The idea for a collaborative musical project began to take shape that night.

The next day, Neill mentioned in passing to the barista at Red Box Coffee that he may have started a band. The barista, a sound engineer and violin player, remarked that she was also looking for a band, and came aboard with Dominic and Neill shortly thereafter. While haphazard ambitions of these sorts tend to fizzle out before they begin, the band members became quick friends and were soon composing music together. 

The band borrows their name from a fictional drug, Ketracel White, out of Star Trek DS9. A drug that promises to ‘suppress violent impulses’.

Ketracel White are an international group, hailing from Ireland, Scotland, and the United States. Each member brings their own unique talents, varied influences, crafts, and styles. Their music has a powerful, lyrically-driven downcast charm, with spirited pensive motifs, luring arrangements, and magnetic performances.