MGR is an ethical, eclectic, emergent-artist-focused music label, founded in 2021 at the heart of Edinburgh’s thriving creative scene.

We are redefining how a music label operates, aiming to give our artists and community the voice they deserve. 

We are a label from Edinburgh whose purpose is to share our musical community to the world. Led by a group of musicians and entrepreneurs from all over the world, we are committed to developing and innovating our own and our artists’ musical practice in the Edinburgh scene. 

What do we do for our artists?

We are looking to empower Edinburgh-based musicians, embracing all styles and origins. We support our artists with fair and transparent contracts, offering unique opportunities to share Edinburgh’s diverse music scene with the world.  Our artists have access to some of the city’s greatest creative minds, developing and realising their ambitions of a career in the music industry. 

Why should you listen to Mirror Glass Records?  

We strive to showcase the best and the freshest talent that our diverse city has to offer, because we believe the world deserves to hear our artists’ voices. Our artists are at the forefront of Scottish music innovation and are pushing what our understanding of Scottish music can and should be.


MGR is committed to anti-racism, anti-sexism and equality among its staff and artists.